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Benarkah Terjadi Tsunami Matahari

Video Tsunami Matahari - A number of sites preaching of the threat by foreign news' solar tsunami "that will come to earth today, Tuesday, August 3, 2010. Really big waves from explosions in the atmosphere causes the sun is going to happen?

Research Professor of Astronomy National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) Thomas Djamaluddin has denied the threat. "There is no tsunami or a storm on the sun today," he was quoted by his personal blog.

According to Thomas, the truth is that there is an explosion or an eruption of small under the sun on 1 August 2010 at about 16:00. If it leads to the country to sit the impact of new possibilities, 3rd August, but not significantly.

Genesis 1 August had no significant influence on the Earth. "If there is one small dent and Aurora orbit seemed high in the sky to catch the pole because of the interaction of light by solar particles to Earth's magnetic field of the earth."

Tsunami various solar solar storm. Tsunami explosions on the surface of the Sun is the Sun, its effects were far beyond the point of explosion felt. "What causes an earthquake in the sea, high waves of the tsunami in the competition here at the epicenter of the quake, he said.

He added that the tsunami waves in the plasma or hot gas in the solar surface, in order not touched the ground. Although the house or the explosion of the mass of the sun, as solar storms can affect the earth by a violent storm and headed towards the known world.

Search the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued by the U.S. Agency antasariksa, NASA, sponsored solar storms occur when large rockets and explosions in the solar atmosphere with supertall power.

Lonjatan solar storms can cause billions of watts of electric power. When it comes to the earth, pancarannya the Earth's magnetic field, which in turn have an impact on satellite systems to affect current and radio frequency. Earth in danger of losing power.

A regular cycle of solar storms that occur every 11 years. However, this round should reach its peak in 2012-2013. Solar storm ever to land 1 September 1859. But no impact at this time really, because life in those days, electricity was not upheld.

Based on these estimates, the number of space agency has been trying a number of strategies to develop to cope with the storm the sun. Strategies for anticipating the loss of electricity, satellite TV, and radio frequency that life takes in modern society today.

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